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(866) 660 9444

shut my computer down and asked for $199.99 to take the virus off. Have called twice. I told them I was reporting them to police, Microsoft and windows. They are using false logos to confuse people, telling people their computer is infected with pornographic material and they will shut down computer and report this to the police.Call Type: Scam

(866) 660 9444

Same as Shari May 14, 2018. I got a notice that my computer had been infected with a virus and I needed to call Microsoft immediately at this number. The audio number repeated and repeated. The loaded gotoassist software and took over my machine. They wanted me to pay $250 to have technicians online fix the internal security of the machine. Fortunately I realized it was a scam by searching this website with my iPad. They got my name phone and Windows product ID before I hung up. I too uninstalled gotoassist right away. Not sure what else I will do. Thank you for alerting me to this scam.Call Type: Scam

(866) 660 9444

Got a notice on my computer that will shut down due to viruses. Called and spent 30 minutes. Said were with windows and will shut down my computer or I can pay

(866) 660 9444

I got a warning on a page on my computer that I had been infected with malware. I was instructed to call this number so Microsoft could walk me through the necessary steps to undo the damage & to prevent further problems. There was a pop-up window in the lower right-hand corner with the number & the MS logo. When I tried to close the page, an audio warning was repeated and repeated. So, I called. The tech had me download some remote type software called "GoToAssist." He was extremely difficult to understand & got annoyed when I asked him to repeat himself. Then, he went to DOS & caused a spill of some kind of pathway that went on and on. I was a Cobol & Fortran programmer before DOS was developed, so I recognized bullshit when I saw it. I asked him point-blank, Are you going to try to sell me something? He said, No. I said, Well, this is what's going to happen next - I am going to hang-up & find another number for Microsoft & ask them about any information coming from this number. He hung up on me before I finished. I uninstalled the remote control software & then did a full scan which came away clean. If you get a security warning on the internet using this number. Don't call, it's a scam.Call Type: Scam

By Shari on

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(866) 769 4864

I keep getting calls from this number so many times a day its just annoying. I have never answer but the message they leave in VM is more than sufficient to know it is a Scam. I paid my students loan while ago since I graduated many years ago. If you get this calls please ignore them or report the number to the local police office, no one should request you to pay something without proper paperwork, don't send checks or money orders and don't give them your credit card number. They shouldn't even have your information to begin with, so please go an report the number.Call Type: Scam

(866) 798 6988

Patricia Smith 866-798-6988 Wants to change payments for Federal Student loan, because of the new laws. Just as everyone else commenting has the same reference number as me. 60602 Phone went straight to VM and did not ring, so its the auto dallier to send voicemails to individualsCall Type: Scam

By Melanie on

(866) 230 0121

I also got a phone number from 478-400-1811. Message was from Betty Thompson in regards to my federal student loan repayment options because of changes. Said to call her at 1-866-230-0121 Reference 80804.Call Type: Scam

By Lorrie on

(866) 798 6988

Just got a voicemail, like everyone else here mentioning "student loans." funnily enough, hours earlier, I got a voicemail. same woman speaking.called herself Mary Ann Robinson but wanted to talk to me about credit card debt consolidation. amazing.Call Type: Scam

(866) 978 8571

Bottom feeder debt collector. Threatens, won't provide any contact information - attempting to collect debt that is beyond the state limitations for collecting. Call you Att General AND Commerce Department and report these bums.Call Type: Debt Collector

(866) 253 8572

Recorded message for an indiscernible name (that sounded nothing like mine), then threatened action for noncompliance if you didn't respond. The number they gave to reach them was a completely different number than the one they called on. I hung up and called back, and all I get is a "Premier Spectrum Service Provider" for internet, etc. When you click the one for "talk to a person" it tells you its a new service only number, and that if you need new service you should call back. Another call back and nothing goes through. As far as I can tell, this is a scam. Block the number if they call you.Call Type: Scam

(866) 253 8572

Told me I had a complaint filed against and they wanted to validate my social security number.

(866) 390 5544

Left a message saying they were trying to get me help with my unsecured line of credit, which doesn't exist. Block this number.Call Type: Scam

By RW on

(866) 204 7562

called from an unknown number wanting me to call the toll free number 1 866 204 7562 in regards to a legal matter. said I need to be home or at work to sign papers. said they were calling on behalf of "Jennifer gilard" but during the message he (jonnie wilson) left, started calling me ma'am like he got his story wrong. suspicious. but did leave a reference number.Call Type: Scam

(866) 204 7333

phone number shows on bank statement related to fraudulent charge. states is 3rd party customer support for over 200 companies. refused to discuss chargeCall Type: Scam

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