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(866) 660 9444

Got a notice on my computer that will shut down due to viruses. Called and spent 30 minutes. Said were with windows and will shut down my computer or I can pay

(866) 660 9444

I got a warning on a page on my computer that I had been infected with malware. I was instructed to call this number so Microsoft could walk me through the necessary steps to undo the damage & to prevent further problems. There was a pop-up window in the lower right-hand corner with the number & the MS logo. When I tried to close the page, an audio warning was repeated and repeated. So, I called. The tech had me download some remote type software called "GoToAssist." He was extremely difficult to understand & got annoyed when I asked him to repeat himself. Then, he went to DOS & caused a spill of some kind of pathway that went on and on. I was a Cobol & Fortran programmer before DOS was developed, so I recognized bullshit when I saw it. I asked him point-blank, Are you going to try to sell me something? He said, No. I said, Well, this is what's going to happen next - I am going to hang-up & find another number for Microsoft & ask them about any information coming from this number. He hung up on me before I finished. I uninstalled the remote control software & then did a full scan which came away clean. If you get a security warning on the internet using this number. Don't call, it's a scam.Call Type: Scam

By Shari on

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(866) 265 5863

Called business stating that they were PG&E and hadn't heard from a letter they had sent earlier in the month and to contact their billing department before they send someone to the business to disconnect the gas. Gave 866-265-5863 ext. 2 - I didn't call but rather did a quick search to find out it is not affiliated with PG&E.Call Type: Scam

(866) 233 5210

Got a voicemail from this man claiming to be Agent Moreno in the Legal Verification Department. They were trying to serve papers to my sister-in-law saying she had to prove her legal status, that she needed to contact them at their verification department by calling the phone number 1-888-275-2747 and giving the following reference 76-08238. Very generic never saying which government agency they represent and very much a scam. Would work on someone new to this country. Funny since my in-laws have been in this country legally for about four generations. I guess my sister-in-law is about to get deported even though she was born here and has worked in law enforcement.Call Type: Scam

By M. Richards on

(866) 678 2636

Got a notice on my computer that will shut down due to viruses. Said were with windows and will shut down my computer or I can pay

(866) 769 4864

They say they are from iec corporate office which is a college corporation and that I owed $100 for the application fee even though I'm making payments at my crappy college. They said they ate a dent collector and to take it up with financial aid. They said they want it out of pocket not from student loans. This is ridiculous.


(866) 533 1410

called May 9., 2018 12:39 p.m. declined the call, left no message

(866) 212 7652

Recorded message told to contact CRA, me or my attorney do not ignore the message otherwise charges will be against me. I called back the number and they answer the phone as crime division of the CRA.Call Type: Scam

(866) 206 5318

Sadei Sadei Sadei

By sadi on

(866) 346 1608

Скидки, Распродажа, Рассрочка Мебели -> Type: Telemarketer

By Williamsal on

(866) 703 3201

This number did not call me but was on a small flyer for a group of people in Richmond, VA who approached me in parking lot asking for donations for Restorations Ministries. So this is the number they had on the flyer. Super curious as to whether it was a scam or not.Call Type: Non-Profit

By Angie on

(866) 312 3975

caller Amanda with foreign accent left message on voice mail stating she is from Wells Fargo, stating there may be fraud ,calling in regards to an urgent matter and to give a call back at 1-800-423-7618. Did not call the phone of originating caller (866-312-3975) nor the 1-800-423-7618 but instead called the bank direct to verify whether the 800 is a legitimate . According to the bank the 800 is a credit/ fraud dept but no inquiries on my account were ever made by them.Call Type: Scam

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