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(855) 842 2431

this Number keeps calling me and there is no one answering .I imagine it is a scum .I am in Canada .

(855) 251 7901

This number called saying I had to be in court. When contacting the person that left the message she had a unprocessed message saying call her on person cell but didn't leave a number.Call Type: Debt Collector

By Demitra Aaron on

(855) 682 0798

I wanna know

(855) 214 0961

Pretends to be APPLE. BLOCK THE NUMBER NOT APPLE !!!Call Type: Scam

By Ba on

(855) 214 0961

Similar to comment below! We need these people to use their energies on something productive! Have they called the white house, yet?Call Type: Scam

(855) 273 2492

Caller called and spoke in Chinese. This is a regular call daily. I am sure this is a spam

(855) 410 5191

Scam number saying that they will serve papers to your home or office.Call Type: Scam

(855) 273 5394

No message left.

By Gelt Goniff on

(855) 275 9222

please call this number asap before it goes to court. revenue canada agencyCall Type: Debt Collector

By everret wills on

(855) 273 7907

Unknown call. no message left. i don't pick up the phone unless i know the number. if somebody need me would leave a message. 100 sure it's a spam

(855) 657 7328

call 313 410 8016 my cell phone no to provide me with info re when you will repair my land line service which i pay you for

(855) 657 7328

mlandline phone service provided byspecrrum has been out of servce 2days

(855) 273 5480

Spam robot call from China!

By Kim on

(855) 273 5846

it sounds Chinese (Cantonese or mandarin)

By jeanette on

(855) 205 5542

5 texts from them. First one: "You received a package but we don't have a valid credit card on file as d by your building management. Visit to billing information." The next four were variations of, "You have a package in the Luxer One locker. Acess code: 111173"Call Type: Scam

By hater on

(855) 273 8274

Non English speaking call.

By Dennis on

(855) 265 8143

this is a women by the name of Ann Mae she says she has a summons to serve me. Then gives me a bad number 737-201-1208 I call the number it is out of service. I try to call the Ann Mae back no one answers, she says call the cell and never leaves the cell number. You try to leave a message and there is no way to leave a message. She is unprofessional on the phone, when I question here she proceeds to argue with me, I asked her more questions, she fills the air time with excuses and very very unprofessional. Ann Mae is at 855-265-6271 the number she says call is 737-201-1208 both have no one there. Keep you posted.

By Me on

(855) 712 0892

Received a text message from this that said something about funds clearing and I may be able to request funding. It gave a link to use and also said to reply out to end messages.Call Type: SMS

(855) 245 7098

If it is not in my contact list, I DO NOT ANSWER, if important, they can leave a message THEY NEVER DO !!! SCAM !Call Type: Scam

(855) 557 6855

paid these people because I though they was from micro soft. now they taliking about shutting my computer down.Call Type: Scam