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(855) 880 5492

buy generic cialis usa http:canadian-pharmacyca.com http:canadian-pharmacyca.com - buy cialis 20mg online ukCall Type: Scam

By rwpbtd on

(855) 214 7814

Message says someone with my last name is going to be in court charged with some kind of court and she is related to us and has the right to our info. Also court file number 206414.Call Type: Scam

(855) 207 9791

Left threatening calls to both my sister and nephew at their place of employment stating they were gonna go to there home to arrest me.They are very angry at me and I have tried to call them back but to no avail.They were using foul language to the two of them and they are terrified due to the police coming to their home.I dont know what to do.tried calling but no response.They also called my ex husband's home and that has caused chaos at their home.Please helpCall Type: Debt Collector

By Betty on

(855) 203 7064

Call from Allied Tiffany Smith looking to collect on a debt. They will threaten use of State of Texas Compliance Officer Locators and filing of criminal claims in whichever county your driver's license is in. This was trying to collect on a payday loan.Call Type: Debt Collector

(855) 237 8821

Caller said he was Brian Nicholson - had last 4 of as number usual scam bsCall Type: Scam

(855) 287 7043

The female on the line kept asking me personal information that I would not answer. She then asked if I would want her to give my information to the wrong person, that's why she had to verify my personal info. I told her to never call again & if she truly was representing a business then she should have my address & she could send me a certified letter that can be tracked. She hung up :-)

(855) 209 7734

Called three times in a day

(855) 210 5958

Called my parents cell number asking for me or my attorney to call them. I have not lived with them for 18 years. I called back and 2 very unprofessional women transferred me back and forth and eventually hung up, I called again and asked who they were and they claimed to be a "Final Recovery Service" calling for ME. I said I called you and I have an attorney you can call. They placed me on hold for "one sec" and hung up on me again. Guessing this is a huge scam. I don't know many debt recovery "firms" that hang up on people who actually try to call them back.

(855) 200 2896


(855) 210 5958

This number called my home over 15 times and left messages threatening to take legal action against one of my nephews who I do not see. What sup?

(855) 913 3111

A scam who wants to return some $ for doing work on your computer. Somehow they know the date and company to whom you have hired for computer support. One of the company pose as "Watergate", try to take over your computer support, and sell you absolutely nothing. Just a support scam.

By Henry on

(855) 272 2067

Canada revenue agencyCall Type: Scam

(855) 684 1966

What is this

By Amver on

(855) 464 2367

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By JamesOmign on

(855) 209 9395

Says there a debt collector for a loan company that I had never even had a personal loan

By Greg R. on

(855) 203 4974

"Your health insurance will be expiring soon. Please call us at for more affordable options. Reply STOP to opt-out" My advice, block the caller. Don't engage with this number. Once they know u opened it, u are a target.Call Type: Scam

By Anonymous in MA on

(855) 204 5295

Said it was Blue Cross Blue Shield to sign me up for medicare supplement Is this a BCBS phone number?Call Type: Telemarketer

(855) 209 9888

scammed meCall Type: Scam

(855) 272 1222

they have phoned me stating they are from RBC Account Services. I have phoned RBC and this number is not associated with RBC AT ALLCall Type: Scam

By concerned on

(855) 332 7344

called 6 times in a 2 hr timeframe