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(855) 880 5492

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By ziqgmt on

(855) 203 9298

Call indicates that they are trying to collect a debt related to Citi Bank credit cards. The debt was discharged in a bankruptcy a few years ago.Call Type: Debt Collector

(855) 203 9298

I have no debt.It is a scam!!!!Call Type: Debt Collector

(855) 202 9531

My bogus message was "52029531. Otherwise your Microsoft Windows Services will be stopped and you will not able to use your computer. Please call urgent at window(?) Security Department on toll free 1-855-202-9531."

(855) 880 5492

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By tirhym on

(855) 208 9410

do not call

(855) 208 9410

Left me a message with the process scam, saying they were sending someone to my house. Tired of these calls.Call Type: Scam

(855) 212 8194

Did anyone of yal go to court because of the phone call.

(855) 880 5492

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By stoqsy on

(855) 880 5492

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By pkenfm on

(855) 214 1938

Someone called about a payday loan from 2013 that i got i have never in my live evet got a paydsy loan alwsys paid my bills i am retired senior citizen and who waits 5 years without a word then all of a sudden want money. I think they need to be investigated

(855) 207 1782

I received a robo debt collection call from this number for a relative. I called back and it said I had reached Attorney Richard West and to leave a message with my case number. I hung up. These type of robo calls are illegal. Actually any collection calls for MY Relative, not me, are illegal.Call Type: Debt Collector

(855) 202 4098

Please block this number. I am sick and tired of their messages saying they are going to go through with a lawsuit against me if I don't call them back. Another total scam!

By Kathy on

(855) 212 1987

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!! Calls from 973-302-5766 leaves a message for you to call 855-212-1987 to resolve a debt you know nothing about. REALLY??!!Call Type: Scam

(855) 214 1934

want to deliver papers. made several attempts to reach me. will not give information. It is a Scam. So tired of these calls.Call Type: Scam

(855) 214 1934

I got a phone call from this number. Stating that I owed from a payday loan from 2013 they stated the loan was put into my account. I called the loan copy to see if I had any outstanding balance, I have never taken out a loan at all. They have all my info and have even been to my house. They won't let me speak and they were rude as hell.Call Type: Scam

By Elizabeth Slaughter on

(855) 207 1782

They call repeatwdly . Their bot leaves messages but never identifies themselves. The bot threatens legal action, arrest warrants etc. The last I heard bots couldn't file charges and law enforcement knows what I drive & where I live. I am on Do Not Call Lists. I looked up the number to no avail and finally blocked the number but they just change numbers and call back in few days and the process starts all over. I am not going to call them back because that would put me on their call list. I am not going to press any key because that could give them control of my number, which they could spoof to call others using my number, let them pay for their own calls and maybe they'll wise up. When will these directory services pull the phone company that owns this number and report these companies to the FTC, FCC or Homeland Security because they are probably funded by organized crime or some terrorist organization!

(855) 214 1934

I received a phone from this number, stating they were trying to settle a payday loan from 2013. They had all my information. But when I asked for some documentation only the "account" I owed on they couldn't provide me with anything. They kept referring to my 1st Mariner bank account from over 5 yrs ago. 1st mariner bank doesn't even exist now. I have no problem paying for something if I truly owe it. But I want some kind of documentation, They would not provide any thing and said I would be serviced and good luck in court.Call Type: Scam

By Jennifer Durso on

(855) 212 1987

Got a call from these pieces of crap. They must need money really bad scamming people for Money for things that are fakeCall Type: Scam

By Ha on

(855) 206 0595

Supposedly a debt collection agency but seemed kinda shady asking me for my date of birthCall Type: Debt Collector