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(844) 687 9601

They call all the time. These calls have to stopCall Type: Telemarketer

(844) 674 0289

Do not call this number. SCAMMER!!Call Type: Scam

(844) 268 5318

some recording started giving out some string of numbers, which after hearing the string of numbers spoken by the recording was in fact a CASE NUMBER. Also, the name of KELVIN MALONE was given by the hard to understand recording voice. After hearing some incomprehensible speech by the recording voice, out of total frustration, I pressed ZERO three times. Some rude lady came on the line to ask me directly if I am KELVIN MALONE. I was born a WOMAN, not a MAN I told her. I gave her my entire birth name and asked her if that name sounded like KELVIN MALONE. She mumbled something incomprehensible. I then flat out told the rude woman that I am getting way way sick and TIRED of getting phone calls for this KELVIN MALONE. I told her if she had the time, go look him up on Facebook and he in fact lives in Akron Ohio. She asked me "So you do know of KELVIN MALONE'S whereabouts?" I told her no. I just did something that any sane person could do, look it up on Facebook. I told her if whatever company she works for has the intuition to do so, go look up his name, then message every single person on his Facebook page to find him. I then told the rude woman that I do have a claim file on record with the Better Business Bureau. She then hung up. I then contacted the same number from another phone I own, and requested to speak with a supervisor or some one who can assist me in getting this whole KELVIN MALONE constant calling to stop before I press SERIOUS CHARGES OF HARRASSMENT, since I have a call record of FIFTEEN 15 phone calls from this number. So, my next step is to get a print out of all SIXTEEN 16 calls from this number and contact the Better Business Bureau. The organization did not even identify themselves. So, whoever KELVIN MALONE is, and if you, KELVIN MALONE views this complaint, you have SEVEN (7) DAYS from October 30, 2018 to contact the number of 844 268 5318 and get them to stop calling my number. YOU ARE WARNED THAT I WILL PRESS HARASSMENT CHARGES AFTER NOVEMBER 6, 2018. I am sorry if I am going off the deep end, but I have been in a constant fight with the cellular telephone company that issued me the number I own. They DO NOT CARE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER about me getting all of these harassing telephone calls almost every day.


(844) 241 1233

This is Gene DX. They do genetic testing.Call Type: Event Reminder

By Alice Woods on

(844) 541 0500

I didn't answer the call because I did not recognize the number

(844) 520 2665

had a call from this number 8445202665 I did not answer call as I was on the phone!

By Margaret on

(844) 856 7480

A women named Jackie Sanders said they had a complaint against me and to call the above number or after the third time trying to contact me, they'll forward their info to my human resources or payroll that they have on file! So sick of the bs scammers who need to get a real job and real life!

(844) 585 5155

Left message to call back about an account number I do not have.

(844) 455 2755

social security disability claim sounded like a scam so I gave them a bogass number

By rick on

(844) 217 4900

Received an email from orders@paypal.com stating I made $100 purchase for Gift card at Kroger and was sent to Google email address bacodseraman@gmail.com. If I want to cancel to call 1-844-217-4900 or click on the link to cancel. The link did not work. I contacted PayPal and they said it was scam & they would apply an alert on my account with this information.Call Type: Scam

By Melanie on

(844) 217 4900

Email looked EXACTLY like legit PayPal email and it showed a $100 charge I did not make. When I clicked to cancel the order my spyware stopped me. PayPal should make it easier to contact them on these issues.Call Type: Scam

By Dave on

(844) 362 1735

whose number is it

(844) 217 3930


(844) 217 4900

Fake Paypal charge for $100 Google Play card through Kroger store.Call Type: Scam

By Chuck on

(844) 230 5377

These people attached our bank account for two months and I have no idea how they got a hold of it this is nothing but a scamCall Type: Scam

(844) 800 8002

This number keeps calling me and saying I owe money but has yet to ever send me a paper stating exactly who they are. It’s for a bill that was in my late husbands name.Call Type: Debt Collector

(844) 267 7001

This is a scam representing themselves as part of AOL

By John keaveney on

(844) 205 0170

these jerks call two weeks ago and said they were calling from Microsoft about my computer problem. I told them there was no problem and that I repair computers and the data that makes them operate. They hung up. I called Microsoft and reported them. Microsoft said they knew about them and that they were trying to locate them to get them in court. They called today with the same ploy and I told them I had called Microsoft and reported them. They hung up on me,. Had to laugh.Call Type: Scam

(844) 205 0170

They told me someone was trying to hack into my computer.They called twice today

By Robert Velon on

(844) 210 9777

this number calls several time a day, no response when answered. when trying to call backbusy signal.

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