01922 Area Code

United Kingdom

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I had a miss callCall Type: Debt Collector

By Jack on Oct 30, 2017


Rings asks for name and then hangs up waste of timeCall Type: Telemarketer

By Harri on Jan 16, 2017


I just left the review about "Holiday Solutions". I now realise this is likely a false number they used to mask their identity - apparently scammers can mask their number to appear the same as yours but with the last few digits changed. Pretty sure that's what this was, specially as the guy had a thick scouse accent. So this review is not related to this number I'm afraid.

By Pied Piper on Dec 01, 2016


Scouse con artist claiming to be "Holiday Solutions" about a holiday I have had "in the last 2 and a half years". Alas, I haven't been on holiday in 12 years. Clearly they're lying as a means to obtain information for some other means. Hung up when I asked where he got my details. Don't have any truck with these scum bags. They stink!Call Type: Scam

Dec 01, 2016


This no.is becoming a nuisance ,it's a claim co.

By Mick on Oct 20, 2016


Said they wanted to review my life insuranceCall Type: Event Reminder

Oct 17, 2016


Searching online for this number won't reveal a company but if you ring it, it's an automated message saying "You were contacted today by Mid Northwest Ltd. All our agents are currently on the phone, please hold the line." and so on. If you search for the company it doesn't have a website and was only incorporated in September 2015. It's classified as "Financial intermediation" which says to me they're either selling something to do with PPI or debt collecting.

Sep 23, 2016


Phoned a few time but leave no message

Aug 12, 2016

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