01903 Area Code

United Kingdom

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Who is it please?

May 31, 2017


a recorded message saying that their automatic dialing could not reach me, and suggesting I call the number back to remove myself from the database. No idea who or what this was all about, so have taken no action.

By Ann on Feb 27, 2017


Cold call about a car accident that didn't happen. Liverpool accent but calling from Worthing. Asked them how they got my number, when and where was this accident supposed to have taken place and what is my registration number on the car if they have reports of an accident (knowing I haven't had one) -'d they hung up! If you call the number back you can press 9 to reject any further calls from them!Call Type: Scam

Feb 17, 2017


Re: Traffic accident you "may have hadCall Type: Telemarketer

Jan 19, 2017


Liverpool accents yet dial code for south coast, asked for NI number?? know about an accident but no specific date asked personal details and with out that can't send the form? was about to give to get some easy money but sense some sort of scam.Call Type: Scam

By kk on Jan 11, 2017


Please don't ring I am deaf thank you just text me thank you

By Patrick on Dec 20, 2016


Who is this

By Patrick on Dec 20, 2016


Liverpool accents from 2 independent calls from same number - yet dial code is for south coast? Cold calling scammers.Call Type: Scam

By Alergic on Dec 14, 2016


re non existent Road Traffic accident.Call Type: Telemarketer

By Rosie on Dec 01, 2016


Cold call about a car accident that didn't happen. Possible scamCall Type: Scam

By Ian on Nov 30, 2016


This was an unsolicited PPi call on my mobile. My phone is registered for no cold calling

By Jessica Aidley on Nov 16, 2016


Reporting having found information about Ghana Immigration and Ghanaweb Kofi SammieCall Type: Scam

By Rui Salvaterra on Nov 04, 2016


Silent callCall Type: Prank Call

By Tom on Oct 21, 2016


PPI Claims CompanyCall Type: Telemarketer

By Jon Hundley on Oct 17, 2016


Car accident claims line

Oct 04, 2016


Nuisance calls. Silence at other end and then a recorded "Goodbye"

Sep 28, 2016

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