01625 Area Code

United Kingdom

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PPI scam, I suspect. They were checking if we had insurance from the Lloyds/Halifax banking groups.Call Type: Scam

By Hilary on Oct 16, 2017


Phoned me from Macclesfield. Get a call from then nearly twice everyday now. They just phone and hang up. I'm getting impatient with them now. Number blocked, therefore hopefully won't get anymore phone calls from them.

By 01625 342993 on Jul 13, 2017


I got a call from these who mentioned a number of Insurance Companies, wanting to speak to me about my Life Insurance. I asked that they remove my details from their database as I am registered with the TPS and do not take cold calls. I was told they couldn't, but they could email me to let me know what it was about! I asked where they got my number from, but they were't able to tell me.Call Type: Telemarketer

By Lesley on Jul 12, 2017


Rang me and hung upCall Type: Scam

Jul 11, 2017


I suspect this company obtained my number from a scam number harvesting company as the caller asked to speak to my wife (who had registered with a company who she thought was a recruitment company) I de registered from the company, but we are getting calls from all sorts of companies who must have bought the data When I asked who was calling the hung up, so I called them backit is an insurance company of some sortCall Type: Telemarketer

Jul 10, 2017


Calls then immediately hangs up, probably some kind of robot trawling for valid phone numbers, expect nuisance calls to follow if you answer it.

Jun 16, 2017


apprenticeships apparently

May 30, 2017


Phoned saying they were working with my car insurance company about my accident. claimed the 3rd party were claiming injury's to lower back and neck. when i said that my insurance company at this stage a blaming me for the accident, they hung up! i called then number back and got an American accent telling me the number is not in service

By David Lewis on May 08, 2017


receiving unsolicited calls from this number - sounds like an automated system making the call and phone is cut after a short while.Perhaps a Call Center?

May 08, 2017


Sounds busy in the background, like a call centre, but whoever it is always hangs up before anyone speaks.

Apr 28, 2017


LosersCall Type: Scam

Jan 18, 2017



By Hhh on Jan 11, 2017


412Call Type: Telemarketer

Dec 15, 2016


They rang me trying to scam meCall Type: Scam

By Paul on Dec 06, 2016


Claims to be from Pension Review Service!! Cut them short and blocked number immediatelyCall Type: Scam

Nov 30, 2016


not requested

By mr m b packman on Jul 24, 2016


Scam. Tried to tell me my internet was just about to pack up unless she 'helped' meCall Type: Scam

Jul 05, 2016

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