01322 Area Code

United Kingdom

Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 01322


Poor quality call (sound wise) and clearly a scam. Something about iPhone and £1000 and being in the top 3 for something. When I pulled her up on the poor call quality she said something about network issues!Call Type: Scam

Feb 06, 2017


Saying in the top 10 for a competition to win an audi r8 but I had to pay for something to remin in the top 10. don't answerCall Type: Scam

By bob Chin on Nov 17, 2016


Scam company called me 3 times pretending my life assurance is up for reviewCall Type: Scam

By billy on Nov 09, 2016


Called to say if been in an accident and was entitled to money. Scam!Call Type: Scam

Oct 20, 2016


Telling me I have been in a man accident and cash waiting when I clearly haven'tCall Type: Scam

Oct 20, 2016


Keeps calling twice everyday for the last few days, havent picked up since im quite sure its a load of rubbish. Did a Google search havent been able to come up with much, seams to be an after events service, which have nothing to do with me.

Oct 12, 2016


Silent call, I have received these for the past 2 weeks on a daily basis. In addition to this they are now trying 01322 904603

Oct 11, 2016


Frequent silent calls from this number.

Sep 06, 2016

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